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Today I sent out a hundred invites to join the AaronCohen group on Facebook.  You can only join if your name is Aaron Cohen or if you are working on the film The AaronCohens.  The response has been great with maybe 10 new members in the first hour or two.  I have carpal tunnel from typing all day so I need to keep this short.  Highlights include:

Aaron “Revive” Cohen — our first dj.

Invites were sent to England, Canada, Israel, Australia New Zealand, France, Peru (left field) and, of couse, China.  I was disappointed to find no German, Austrian, Polish, or Russian AaronCohens.  I wonder what happened?

I was pleased to see that we will have the African-American wing of The AaronCohens represented.  Long ago my sister had a black friend named Vinnie Cohen so I held out hope.  My prayers have been answered.

We did get an Omaha Aaron Cohen in the mix.  His last status update was that “he was getting ready to close the shutters.”  Could not have written that better.

Members are flooding in.  We will have more to say later.


Written by Aaron

November 24, 2008 at 7:49 pm

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