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NPR scoops the Aaron Cohens

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Aaron “WNYC” Cohen decided to do some interviewing of his own .  Here it is.  Super exciting it ran 5 times on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day during Morning Edition and The Takeaway.  Let me knew what you think by commenting below.



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December 29, 2008 at 2:32 am

Katz’s Deli Event.

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Original 9, originally uploaded by aarontalk.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many Flickr Photostream Aaron Cohen Posts.

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December 23, 2008 at 11:13 pm

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The First Supper

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The Original Aaron Cohens

The Original Aaron Cohens

Last night was a magical evening on a variety of levels.  It was my first night organizing a film shoot and we got off to a shaky start when the people at Katz’s had no idea I was coming.  Maybe I should call ahead next time.  In any event, we scored the exact area where we wanted to shoot in the back and then the Aarons started filtering in.  Aaron, was followed by Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, and last but not least, Aaron.

First, Med Student, then Urban Studies, WNYC, Sports TV Writer, Digital Artist,  and finally MC Aaron (also known as AC or as his jewish boys call him Maz Gan — meaning Air Conditioning in Hebrew).  They joined Aaron Fisher Cohen (indie rocker and cinematographer) and me for a little pastrami and conversation.   We have hours of footage.  We did interviews, we did group shots we talked everything from our jewish identities (wide ranging) to our senses of humor (less wide ranging) to our mothers (barely ranging).

I feel some strange sense of kinship.  One of the Aarons is getting married this year on the day Nina (my wife)  and I got married.  Others quoted some lines from Spinal Tap or Monty Python and numerous attendees copped to an innate narcissism that drove them to our meeting.  Everybody had googled themselves countless times, most to very tough results:

I’m on Page 20

If you put in a narrow parameters describing certain computer code you can find me

I often see a guy who won a gold medal in judo (for Israel)

We did fall one short of the hoped for minyan of Aaron Cohens, but Grand Rapids, MI couldn’t find a place to stay, Boston IBM Aaron, and Aaron Revive Cohen had a streetwear boutique to run before xmas.  But this was just the beginning.  Yes Aarons we face challneges in these perilous econcomic times, but I really belive we can find  100 Aaron Cohens to attend our festival in 2009.  Yes we can.

I want to thank all of the Aaron Cohens who attended.  Everybody was really cool.  I also owe a debt of gratitude to Greg “best boy” Epstein, Ben Hunter, Naomi “matchmaker” Baigell, and my highly supportive wife Nina “How much will this cost us?” del Rio.  They were the crew who supported AFC (Aaron Fisher Cohen) and me  in our efforts to capture the sights and sounds of The Aaron Cohens.

We’ll be posting film soon enough.  I will also put up some additional photos later today.

HunterCulture also wrote a great post about the evening.  Check that out here.

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December 23, 2008 at 7:25 pm

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One Line Pitch

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It’s a movie that brings 100 aaron cohens to New York to talk about their mothers.

–Joe Keith

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December 22, 2008 at 8:20 pm

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Why am I doing this?

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Conversation with my college roommate Shepherd Frankel (most recently the Production Designer on 4 Xmases) about The AaronCohens on the eve of the first shoot.

College Roomate and Movie Yogi  Shepherd Frankel

College Roomate and Movie Yogi Shepherd Frankel


i’m shooting tomorrow night


where is your shoot?


katz’s and sammy romanian.

I’m going to cut a 3 minute trailer and walk it around NYC and LA from January 8-30 and if I don’t have money or obvious commitments.

then maybe I rethink it

I’m thinking 500k


will be tight

especially with all of the travel


especially with the festival

I don’t think there is an appetite to step up to 1 or 2mm even though im sort of done with it being a documentary

it’s going to be a mashup of styles

part doc, part memoir, part celebrity cameos, part scripted

But since I’m not a director or when people ask me what I know about film I say “I have a membership at netflix.” I don’t know that I can go so big you know?


good answer


yeah…I’m funny maybe. But I’m no Seth McFarlane. Some guys are sick.

I don’t feel that funny

i’m trying to watch more larry david


your strength is your ability to put together a narrative thats interesting – about anything. your storytelling. within that story you will have very funny moments.


yeah.. but it’s strange to start without a story

i mean my only story right now is  “can I get 500 Aaron Cohens to one place at one time?”


your challenge


it’s a challenge


hopefully two gay aaron cohens will hook up and i’ll have some plot

or maybe the whole process will convince the gentile aaron cohens to convert to judaism

Nina (my wife)  is freaking out by the way.

she thinks I’ve lost my mind.  Supports the film idea, but thinks since I’m a husband and father maybe I should get a job too.


She has a point.  make the movie as relateable to as many people as possible


well I think if you do that you can lose your focus.  I’m trying to make a “jewish movie” in that I want to tap into the broad and rich themes of humor, guilt, assimilation, holocaust, etc


maybe the story is more about your obsession to do this than anything

could be.. but I feel that’s the

she made a korean version

of the aaroncohens

and she’s always talking during the movie about how she’s feeling.


yes true – very grace lee


And while I think it’s cool, it’s not that funny.

do you know the movie?  it’s a documentary

i mean nobody saw it




do you know if you make $1mm in US box office you’re a top 100 documentary of all time

that said 40 of the 100 were made in the past 5 years

that said 15 of those had big stars al gore, michael moore, bill maher attached to them


2 things for me


1 you are a pretty interesting person and interesting to listen to and watch – you do know this, a lot of your success is based on this


maybe the story is more about your obsession to do this than anyting


fuck if htat’s the case i’ve got to lose more weight


i’ll contemplate that but it feels narcissitic

am I that entertaining?


i am fascinated with your obsession to do this – i dont know why you are doing it – despite what you say. i still dont get it. but i think everyone has some obsessive version of immortalizing themselves. this has to be part of it


I’d rather watch the guy in detroit who looks like eminem and owns a street wear boutique


yea but your smarter


of course there is some narcisssim

everyone has various levels of narcisssim.  most successful people i know have a lot


so a scene could be me imagining myself on Jon Stewart say with Jon Stewart


and we love to hate people who are narcissitic

or criticise them


I think having 500 Aaron Cohens in one room creates a very weird dynamic… it’s never been done before

Martha Stewart had 150 Martha Stewarts come to welcome her out of jail in NYC

speaking of narcisstic

so I could go meet with Martha and Grace Lee and ask them why they did it?


i think that would be a good scene


so you’re saying bet on me as talk show host aka Roger and Me and see what happens

a kind of jewish identity michael moore-quest

Roger and Me was the quest to meet the CEO of General Motors.  Mine is the quest to meet Aaron Cohens.


would be good to address the topic of exploreing why you are doing it while doing it – while thinking you are doing it for other reasons too



like, I’m tired of selling advertising

and then flash to me pitching web ads


yes – but m moore career has turned into something else too

despite his films being good


by the way, I was introduced at a cocktail party tonight as a filmmaker

and then a woman said to me I have a film idea for your next film

and that’s when I said i have a membership at netflix


moore himself has almost become a character we are intrigued watching first and his stories second



can also see you at your day job earning money for you aaron cohen habit


i don’t have a day job

but I could have one

i suppose


unemployed now



well I sold MenuPages over the summer…

you didn’t know that I ran that


your still a major player in your field though

i forgot


sort of

I’m sort of “elder statesmen”

i’m trying to switch from quarterback to coach




I expected to have $20mm by now and switch careers and I bascially I’m settling for half that 🙂)


good part of your story

good luck with shoot


thanks man. I need it.

think about yourself before you ever walked on a set.

that’s me….except I’m supposed to tell people what to do.


wont be a problem


yes… My script calls for a lot of different shots of hands and mouths holding and chewing pastrami

I have real vision.

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December 22, 2008 at 5:50 am

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Aaron Utah Cohen

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grew up in Salt Lake City, come from good hybrid stock–father from Israel (both parents from Latvia), mother from midwest (Irish-ish gentile parents).  Some of our more orthodox brothers place great importance on the mother’s bloodline, but I’m really stoked to be a half-breed, think it’s the way of the future.

I have always biked, never owned a car, don’t know if I ever will.  Recently joined the trendy fixed-gear community, some douches there but some really awesome people, and I will probably always bike this way from now on.  It’s changed my life for the better.

I just barely got my Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, after 8 long years of wandering.  Not sure what is next, want to help people and the world, hopefully using cool math.

Let me know if you want more!

Aaron "Utah" Cohen -- a self-described halfbreed

Aaron "Utah" Cohen -- a self-described halfbreed

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December 19, 2008 at 8:00 pm

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Aaron IBM Cohen

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A classic Tweet from this Aaron who will join us at the shoot:

Note to self: Don’t schedule meetings on Christmas. People will not appreciate it.

Aaron "IBM" Cohen.  We may improve this nickname

Aaron "IBM" Cohen. We may improve this nickname

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December 17, 2008 at 6:27 pm

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