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Another night, Another Aaron Cohen

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Many nights now, I hang out with Aaron Cohens.  I do this largely through Instant Messenger although we have begun to plan our first shoot for late December.  Each and every Aaron Cohen has something unique to bring to our film.  This is a process of getting to know our cast. Call it shmoozing with The Aaron Cohens.

On Tuesday evening, I skipped House to get some spiritual insight from the once wild, now baal tshuva (a newly super-observant jew) Aaron Cohen.  His thoughts came to me via Facebook IM where he lives in Toronto.  He’s Aaron “Wild at Heart” Cohen and his words follow below the photograph.

Aaron "Wild at Heart" Cohen can dance


From a young age, i seeked truth, looked into different religions, saw their flaws, illogical, finally i anlayzed judaism and torah and i feel if a person is a truth seeker, and is truly intellectually honest he cannot deny the existence of an infinite creator, and the authentcity of the torah.

The first thing in order to seek truth, is realize we are emotional human beings, we’re biased from the get go, realizing this, and acknowledging the role emotions have on influencing our decisions is vital. That’s the first step to taking an honest approach to life

For example lets say a person doesnt believe in g-d, his natural bias will deter him from accepting his existence even if he sees proof, because if he does except it, he realizes he will have to make major alterations in his lifestyle, and that no one wants to do. because we are lazy beings. so he will reject any information that will cause him to change, cause his emotions are blinding him. while a perosn who is intellectually honest will accept that change is hard, but if he seeks truth he is prepared to do what it takes…


Written by Aaron

December 3, 2008 at 4:53 am

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