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Out in Grand Rapids, Michigan a young 18-year-old Aaron Cohen has posted his standup on YouTube.  This Aaron grew up one of the only Jews in his town and he’s thinking about turning up in New York for the innaugural Aaron Cohen event. His mother, Susan, is not Jewish, His father is.  Since I’m making the rules these  Dad only Jews are in the film.  Actually, we’re probably going to have a minyan of Irish Catholic Aarons.

This is a film about global Jewish culture and that culture includes people who have a Jewish heritage.  Controversial?  I hope so.  Funny, well why don’t you decide and leave some comments for Grand Rapids.  I want this young 18 year-0ld be the Aaron Cohen some of us wanted to be, but never pulled off.  Let’s face it, lots of Aaron Cohens have a standup fantasy.  Now that I think about it sharing fantasies could be interesting fodder for the Aaron Cohen Festival in 2009.


Written by Aaron

December 10, 2008 at 6:06 am

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