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The First Supper

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The Original Aaron Cohens

The Original Aaron Cohens

Last night was a magical evening on a variety of levels.  It was my first night organizing a film shoot and we got off to a shaky start when the people at Katz’s had no idea I was coming.  Maybe I should call ahead next time.  In any event, we scored the exact area where we wanted to shoot in the back and then the Aarons started filtering in.  Aaron, was followed by Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, and last but not least, Aaron.

First, Med Student, then Urban Studies, WNYC, Sports TV Writer, Digital Artist,  and finally MC Aaron (also known as AC or as his jewish boys call him Maz Gan — meaning Air Conditioning in Hebrew).  They joined Aaron Fisher Cohen (indie rocker and cinematographer) and me for a little pastrami and conversation.   We have hours of footage.  We did interviews, we did group shots we talked everything from our jewish identities (wide ranging) to our senses of humor (less wide ranging) to our mothers (barely ranging).

I feel some strange sense of kinship.  One of the Aarons is getting married this year on the day Nina (my wife)  and I got married.  Others quoted some lines from Spinal Tap or Monty Python and numerous attendees copped to an innate narcissism that drove them to our meeting.  Everybody had googled themselves countless times, most to very tough results:

I’m on Page 20

If you put in a narrow parameters describing certain computer code you can find me

I often see a guy who won a gold medal in judo (for Israel)

We did fall one short of the hoped for minyan of Aaron Cohens, but Grand Rapids, MI couldn’t find a place to stay, Boston IBM Aaron, and Aaron Revive Cohen had a streetwear boutique to run before xmas.  But this was just the beginning.  Yes Aarons we face challneges in these perilous econcomic times, but I really belive we can find  100 Aaron Cohens to attend our festival in 2009.  Yes we can.

I want to thank all of the Aaron Cohens who attended.  Everybody was really cool.  I also owe a debt of gratitude to Greg “best boy” Epstein, Ben Hunter, Naomi “matchmaker” Baigell, and my highly supportive wife Nina “How much will this cost us?” del Rio.  They were the crew who supported AFC (Aaron Fisher Cohen) and me  in our efforts to capture the sights and sounds of The Aaron Cohens.

We’ll be posting film soon enough.  I will also put up some additional photos later today.

HunterCulture also wrote a great post about the evening.  Check that out here.


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December 23, 2008 at 7:25 pm

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