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GAZA Heats up The AC

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There will be more of this kind of thing, but here’s a sample of what’s going on around the Aaron Cohen homepages.

Aaron is praying for death to all of israels enemies! 2:11pm3 Comments
Batya Orchaim at 2:12pm January 6
That’s the spirit! Join the team. Kill kill kill!
Aaron Cohen at 2:29pm January 6
i didnt say death to innocent palestinians, i said death to my enemies, if that really is ur wedding video on ur profile with all that music…hamas murders their own people for listening to music…what a shame u didnt have ur wedding in gaza.
Batya Orchaim at 2:55pm January 6
Just because you do not agree with what I believe, doesn’t meant that it’s wrong. You’re sitting here PRAYING FOR DEATH of human beings. That’s ignorant, and indicitive of the warmongering philosophies that has ruined the middle east.

Written by Aaron

January 7, 2009 at 4:49 pm

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